Using xcopy to send all config.txt files to UnitySync Support

Created: 2023-03-13 10:06:01
Modified: 2023-03-13 10:06:01

UnitySync support admin may ask you to provide the config.txt for every connection. This is often requested before beginning a version upgrade. The resulting data is a roadmap of your current configuration.

Below is the syntax to copy all config.txt to a temp folder.

  1. Open a cmd prompt.

  2. CD into the connection sub directory: \Unitysync-v4\connections

  3. run:

    xcopy config.txt* c:\tmp-UnitySync /Y /I /S**

    This xcopy will create folders and files for each config.txt (connection) under the new temp folder.

  4. Zip the \tmp-UnitySync folder.

  5. Upload zipped file here:

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