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Error: dst dn is NULL

Created: 2022-05-03 13:43:52
Modified: 2022-05-03 13:43:52

This error may appear in your log when your Sync/Join Mode is set to Join only - not Create or Both.

You may see the following error throughout your log:

Error | dst dn is NULL

You would also see the error listed in the Error Summary at the bottom of the log:

Error Summary : 05/03/22 12:19:21

dst dn is NULL | 4

As of UnitySync v4.1, you must have a mapping for DN. If you are using the default object map, no change should be necessary, but if you are using a custom object map and receive this error, you are likely lacking a mapping for DN.

We recommend the following DN mapping:


IMPORTANT NOTE: No changes will be made to the Destination DN. This mapping is simply necessary to identify the proper object to join with on the Destination.

Optionally, you may use the Modify Attributes functionality to the Destination tab to limit which Destination attributes can be modified. Simply list the attributes you want UnitySync to update separated by a comma with no spaces in between. UnitySync will only ever touch those attributes you’ve identified even if there are changes to other attributes on the Source.

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