Directify - Syslog for real time troubleshooting and logging (and dirlog.exe)

Created: 2022-03-10 11:12:23
Modified: 2022-03-10 11:25:33
Tags: Directify Troubleshooting

Directify supports real time monitoring and logging.

A central syslog server is supported for real time monitoring and long term logging of user action via Directify.cgi.

In the Directify Admin UI, go to the Notify tab. Enter your syslog server name/ip.

Local Syslog: Directify includes a local syslog server, \bin\dirlog.exe. This will be helpful for installation, testing and short term syslogging of Directify.

Execute bin\dirlog.exe and use on the Notify tab.

(Note: Dirlog only facilitates real time monitoring, not logging).

Syslog output uses standard syslog severity/priority error/info levels.

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