Directify Installation Instructions: First Time Linux User

Created: 2021-12-03 11:01:41
Modified: 2021-12-03 11:01:41
Tags: Directify Directify Admin Guide Linux

  1. Download the latest software at
  2. Extract the file via Terminal and execute the install program. Follow prompts for installation.
    • cd to the proper folder. The default installation directory is you Download folder and will read Directify-v# (where # refers to the current version number).
    • You may install to any location by moving the installer files or entereing a new install path providing the underlying structure names remain the same.
    • Run the file.
    • you will have to hit Enter to scroll through and accept the full license agreement. To accept, type yes when prompted.
    • Leave the terminal window open.
  3. Review the Web Server Configuration White Paper for further instruction.
  4. Once you are able to access the Directify Configuration View (config.cgi), apply your temporary license key on the About tab and click Save.
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