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Move or Reinstall Directify

2021-12-03 10:26:18

Each Directify installation is licensed to run on a specific server identified by the Serial Number found on the About Tab in the Directify Configuration View (config.cgi).

Licensing rules apply when reinstalling or moving Directify to another server. The serial number is unique for every install, so you’ll need a new license key. To obtain one, contact keys@dirwiz.com. Let us know the original licensed Serial Number (prior to reinstalling or moving) as well as the new Serial Number as it appears on the About tab. See the licensing section for more information.

To move Directify to a new server, transfer the program files and connection information to the new server in one of two ways.

Recommended: Copy the entire Directify directory from the original location to the new server.


Run the Directify installation program on the new server. Next, copy the following folder and files to move the configuration data files to the new server:

\directify\data\*.txt (excluding key.txt as you will need to request a new key)

You will also need to reconfigure your IIS virtual directory to point to the new location.

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