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Destination Tab - Sync Levels

2020-02-06 09:53:15
Active Directory Custom Mapping Master/Spoke UnitySync 

When syncing to an LDAP destination, zero levels are replicated by default. All synced objects are placed in a single ’flat’ directory as specified by Struct Name and/or Placement dn.

i.e. cn=MillerM@domain.com,ou=SyncContainer,ou=Parent,dc=domain,dc=com

On the destination tab of your connection, ‘Sync Levels’ indicates how many sub OUs may be replicated under the destination sync container (ou=SyncContainer).

For example, assume a naming convention like this on the SOURCE:

(a) cn=Name,ou=dept,ou=state,ou=territory,ou=SyncContainer,ou=Parent,dc=domain,dc=com

You may have these three sample SOURCE objects:

(a) cn=MillerM,ou=Sales,ou=NJ,ou=NorthEast,ou=SyncContainer,ou=Parent,dc=domain,dc=com

(b) cn=JonesJ,ou=Acct,ou=NJ,ou=NorthEast,ou=SyncContainer,ou=Parent,dc=domain,dc=com

© cn=ArcherA,ou=Contr,ou=Denver,ou=MidWest,ou=SyncContainer,ou=Parent,dc=domain,dc=com

Sync level=1 would duplicate just the first OU (above the CN)

(a) cn=Miller@domain.com,ou=Sales,ou=SyncContainer,ou=Parent,dc=domain,dc=com

(b) cn=Jones@domain.com,ou=Acct,ou=SyncContainer,ou=Parent,dc=domain,dc=com

© cn=Archer@domain.com,ou=Contr,ou=Denver,ou=SyncContainer,ou=Parent,dc=domain,dc=com

With sync level 3, it will duplicate THREE levels of OUs above the source CN.


(a) cn=Miller@domain.com,ou=Sales,ou=NJ,ou=NorthEast,ou=Parent,dc=domain,dc=com (b) cn=Jones@domain.com,ou=Acct,ou=NJ,ou=NorthEast,ou=Parent,dc=domain,dc=com © cn=Archer@domain.com,ou=Contr,ou=Denver,ou=MidWest,ou=Parent,dc=domain,dc=com

NOTE 1: If the Source tab indicates a Selection DN, the results of levels will be a bit different. Instead of the CN, the levels will be replicated starting at the OU specified in the Selection DN.

NOTE 2: A further (little used) feature is Trim DN, a feature that allows further manipulation of the levels generated.

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