emPass Agent Upgrade

Created: 2019-02-08 15:14:15
Modified: 2019-02-08 15:14:15
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emPass enhancements and modifications are designed to minimize the requirement to upgrade every Agent. Most updates will involve an upgrade of the Central Server only. If the instructions for an upgrade do include the Agent, please follow the below instructions.

NOTE: If there is a Central Server upgrade, it should be performed first per the Release Notes instructions.

  1. If the upgrade includes the Central Server, first perform the Release Notes instructions for CS upgrade. Then return here.

On each emPass Agent

Following the upgrade of the Central Server, if there is an Agent upgrade, the upgrade should be applied to all Agents.
  1. CD to the Agent directory and execute the Remove:

    C:\emPassAgent\agent-install - -remove

  2. Browse to the Central Server as usual.


  3. Click to download and run using the link:
    emPass Active Directory Agent

    ‘Server Public Key’ may be unchecked, but it does not matter. We expect you did not generate a new key when you upgraded the Central Server per the emPass Release Notes. And therefor the downloaded key would be identical. https://www.dirwiz.com/empass/doc

  4. Reboot the Agent (this is required!)

  5. After the reboot, CD to the Agent directory and execute the Status:

    agent-install - - status
    You should see the agent SID, DDL and key are present.

  6. The Agent upgrade is complete. Your Agent will resume processing password updates.

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