UI error: (404) Not Found - Could not locate CGI

Created: 2017-04-14 10:40:37
Modified: 2017-12-11 14:17:02
Tags: Errors Internet Information Services (IIS) Troubleshooting

Connection configuration error, (404) Not Found - Could not locate CGI**

404 error when using Dirweb.exe

You can perform a test by running \bin\dirweb.exe. Do you see the same error when the UI opens? Error 404 can occur using DirWeb if the browser being opened does not have permissions to the \UnitySync\cgi directory.

1) Try opening the browser As Admin
2) Close Dirweb.exe, apply file permissions using full control to \Unitysync and run Dirweb again.

404 error when using IIS

Your IIS configuration may be missing one or more CGI execution permissions.

Review Appendix A and B in the Web Server Configuration document.
When configuring IIS, you can opt to allow ALL CGI, or you can specify each .cgi individually.
Confirm .cgi have been configured as required.

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