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Created: 2017-02-03 08:19:16
Modified: 2017-08-10 13:15:02
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Directory Wizard’s emPass® is a secure password synchronization tool. Using emPass you can sync passwords and password changes between one (or more) source domains and ONE target domain. So, when a user in source DomainA changes his password, emPass immediately updates the password on the corresponding DomainX User.

Licensing for emPass includes:

  • One emPass Central server license
    The Central server software may be installed anywhere (ldaps access)
  • Minimum of one emPass Agent license
    The Agent software must be installed on ALL DCs in the source domain(s).
    Each DC requires its own Agent license.

Please see the emPass Administrator’s Guide for detailed information about emPass installation, configuration and functionality.

Overview of emPass Install and Configuration

  • Install the emPass Central server.
  • Confiigure the emPass Central server:
    • Insert emPass RSA Primary key
    • Edit config.txt: target domain authentication information
    • Edit config.txt: The URL for your target domainX LDAPS (ldaps://hostname:636/)
    • Configure IIS for the emPass web page
  • Install the emPass Agent on each DC in your source domain.
  • Configure each DC Agent (as you install):
    • Browse to your Central Server emPass web page and download Agent software
    • Edit config.txt: hostname/IP of the emPass Central server
    • Execute the install-Agent program
    • Reboot the DC

Once emPass Central Server and Agents are installed, there is nothing else to do.

How does emPass process a password change?**

On the source domain, a logged in user performs a password change as usual. The emPass Agent on the source DC captures the new password and forwards it to the emPass Central server for processing. The emPass Central server receives the information and updates the corresponding user object (on the Target domain) with the new password. That’s all there is to it!

Evaluate emPass® today! Grab it from our Downloads page now and let us know if you have any questions.

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