Azure Discovery Requirements

Created: 2015-10-13 11:57:34
Modified: 2019-08-16 09:54:31
Tags: Azure

As of UnitySync v2.5, support for Discovery from Microsoft Azure has been added. Please note that support for Sync to Azure is not yet available.

Please be aware of the of the following requirements in order to perform Azure Discovery:

  • PowerShell installed v3 or greater
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5
  • Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant for IT Professionals RTW
  • Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell (64-bit version)

If you are not sure what version of Powershell is installed on your server, open Powershell and execute:

This will show you information about the version installed.

Note: To install the latter two items, and for more information, please see Manage Azure AD using Windows PowerShell on the Microsoft Azure website. Once installed, you will see these two items in your Programs list.

Finally, To discover Azure, you will need to use the default admin login in on the Source tab of your connection.

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