Automatically Redirect to directify.cgi - instead of \cgi index page

Created: 2015-09-21 11:20:31
Modified: 2023-03-08 10:41:33
Tags: Directify Internet Information Services (IIS)

By default, Directify will automatically show the index of \cgi.

When you select either directify.cgi or config.cgi, you will be directed to that page and see the url includes the program you selected.


Options to avoid this default behavior:

  1. You can prevent this default behavior - and therefore prevent users from inadvertantly accessing your Directify configuration via config.cgi - by choosing to configure individual .cgi files during installation, and only configuring .directify.cgi, then defining directify.cgi in the Default document.

    To auto direct to directify.cgi (or config.cgi if you’ve elected to make that available via IIS) use the IIS Default Document setting.

    1. In Internet Information Services (IIS), view the properties of your Directify virtual directory.

    2. Find the option “Default Document”

    3. Add Directify.cgi and move it to the top of the list.
    4. restart everything (delete files, restart web site).

    When you go to now, you will automatically be directed to the end user directify.cgi page. and the url will not show the program name. Instead it will just show:

  2. You may create a DNS entry for the desired domain.

  3. You may Redirect to URL in IIS Default Web Site.

    1. in ISS, highlight the Default Web Site.
    2. Find the setting for “Redirection to a URL”.
    3. Enter the full path using the full URL:


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