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Infocanon Server/Client system requirements

2017-05-30 13:16:57
System Requirements 

The following minimum requirements are recommended for Infocanon Server and Client systems.


:Operating System\ Windows - 2003 (64 bit) or better\ Linux - 64 bit Operating System, libc v2.19 or greater

:Web Server\ Any web server that supports CGI\ Example: Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) v6 or better, or Apache, NginX

:Storage\ 2Ghz CPU with 1gb memory\ 6mb for software\ 1mb hard drive space per article\

:Client network connection\ 56kbps\ Web Browser\ IE 10 or better, Mozilla, Chrome\ Javascript

Here is a list of what is NOT required to run Infocanon: Microsoft .NET Database Software (SQL, Access etc) The web server does NOT need to be a member of the forest or to any domain. (Except for integrated authentication) Client web cookies. No cookies are stored on the web browser.

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