Customizing Appearance of directify.cgi

Created: 2015-06-23 11:19:05
Modified: 2021-12-09 14:08:57
Tags: Directify Directify Admin Guide

On the Directify user page, there are 3 parts you can customize:

  1. The logo on the User login page: Add the desired picture/logo by adding the jpg picture file to \cgi directory, named as logo.jpg. (i.e. \Directify-v7.0\cgi\logo.jpg)

  2. On the Directify Admin General tab, enter a custom Page Title (this changes the text below the login boxes as well as the browser tab’s page title).

  3. Customize Login ID/password labels by adding these lines to your config.txt. The defaults are Login ID and Password, but you can name them anything you’d like. Find config.txt in the data directory (\Directify-v7.0\data\config.txt). The lines to add for each are:
    pageid=Your Desired text for ID
    pagepw=Your Desired text for Password

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