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InfoCanon is a simple knowledge base management system for your web site.

Platform Support

  • Webserver - Windows IIS, Apache or any server that supports CGI.
  • Platforms - Windows (64 bit) & Linux (64 bit)
  • Database - Local or MS SQL, MySQL & SQLite


  • Article editing (with preview) using the Creole wiki markup spec.
  • Multiple Tags can be assigned per article for easy indexing.
  • All modern web browsers supported.
  • Search ready - Designed to ease the use of indexing by search engines.
  • Blog ready - Articles can be indexed by date to create an instant blog.
  • RSS 2.0 support included.
  • Client view can be highly customized using an HTML template.
  • Easy HTTP response header customization for page expiration and last modified date.
  • Use an ODBC source for data storage or use the internal database.
  • Macros available for URL prefixes. Allows global editing of common URLs.
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