Directify is a web-based LDAP directory administration tool. Allow your end user to make their own updates, freeing up the valuable time of help desk personnel and directory administrators.
  • User self service: Users can modify their own objects but ONLY the attributes you allow.
  • Administration: Select directify administrators can modify object in addition to their own.
  • Group Administration: Add/Remove users from groups.
  • Object Creation: Create any type of objects (Exchange Contacts for example).
  • Exchange mail forwarding: Automatic creation of contacts and forwarding by just typing in an email address.

Directory Support

  • Support for ANY LDAPv3 protocol directories (ADAM/AD LDS, Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Samba etc).
  • Pre-configured templates:
    • Active Directory
    • Exchange
    • Samba (Amazon AWS Simple AD)
  • LDAP v3 support with SSL/TLS.
  • Support for custom and non-standard LDAP schemas.

Interface Features

  • Improved installation procedure. Install and operational in less than 5 minutes.
  • Major browsers supported IE (10 or better), Chrome & Firefox.
  • Complete configuration through a web browser.
  • Full templating support. Built in form editor.
  • No Cookie - session management.
  • SMTP notification of events.
  • syslog support.
  • Thumbnail JPEG photo support.
  • No need to set individual user account permissions.
  • AES256 Encryption of sensitive data.
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