Directory Wizards is a Micro ISV founded in August 2000 as a sole proprietorship. The goal of Directory Wizards was to develop standards based directory tools using LDAP. The first such project, Profiler, a web based application which gives users the ability to modify their information in various LDAP enabled directory servers.
August 2022
Directory Wizards releases Mimic. A new tool to efficiently replicate directory data from one LDAP server to another using newly developed delta sync technology.
June 2017
Directory Wizards releases emPass. A new tool to synchronize passwords across Active Directory domains.
September 2015
Directory Wizards Inc. receives certification as a WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) by the State of Delaware Office of Supplier Diversity.
October 2014
Directory Wizards renames Profiler to Directify® to ensure product recognition in the market place.
January 2013
Directory Wizards releases InfoCanon. It's first non-directory based product used in-house to manage our online blog and knowledgebase.
August 2011
Directory Wizards develops UnitySync® as the next generation replacement of SimpleSync providing the same functionality at more than 10 times the speed and a fraction of the system resources.
April 2008
Directory Wizards acquires SimpleSync from CPS Systems Inc bringing enterprise directory synchronization to its software portfolio.
July 2006
Directory Wizards incorporated in the State of Delaware and continues to offer powerful directory applications at reasonable prices.
August 2000
Directory Wizards founded as a sole proprietorship.


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